A person is more than our eyes can see

“I look like a blond Shrek trying too hard with this hair, if i saw myself on a streetcar i wouldn’t want to talk to myself either.”

“so what? then own it, be the bitch, experiment it, see what this hair brings to your personality.”

I always thought i was very capable of not to stereotype people, not putting people into certain categories, capable of not being racist,  sexist, capable of giving no fucks of what others people think of my life, my decision.

but for the longest time i was scared to dye my hair blond; why? Why does ones hair colour matters so much? what am I scared of?


Am i scared of looking ugly or standing out from people, or am i really what i always tell people, firmly, “youth is all about experimenting new things”;  if i was really that cool of a person, so what if i don’t look good or getting called out by people.

What was all these fears about?

Sometime I didn’t even realized how manipulative social media can be, WHO gives them the right to label people, to try to tell you what you need to look like, try to tell you what your behaviors mean, to sexualize women, and try to convince you that that is what it means to be a woman. It’s like we are a bunch of emotionless objects that need to be approved by Instagram. But I am none of them; I wasn’t trying to look like the victoria’s secret bombshell. I just dyed my hair blonde once; I just tried out some new things.

I can’t say that I didn’t have any pre-assumption on people when I first see them. I did speculate what kind of people they might be basing on my previous impression, from experience, from TV, from social media, anywhere. But really, they could be ANYTHING.

No matter how much i believed in my capability of not judging people for their appearance, i didn’t come to these realizations until i have my own hair bleached/dyed.

1. Despite of people’s skin colour, hair colour, styles, accents, gender, sexual orientation, body type, etc.,  they are not who i see  until i actually get to know them.

      After I bleached my hair, there were a couple of times I look at myself in the mirror and thinking I wouldn’t be surprised if people think this girl is not approachable or kind or whatsoever, then i realized how many time I might have being potentially misunderstood, and how many time I might have misunderstood others people.  Then I realized how stupid and uneducated i was for judging people by their appearance.

2. Loving yourself is not only to have the self-acceptance for that part of you that people don’t appreciate, but also to take pride in what you do, taking pride for having the nerve to truly not give a fuck about what others think of your decision, and for being the most authentic self.


ft. my latest dumb face and my cutie pie Rexxy


I know,  now that i look back at these pictures, it actually wasnt that bad.  But the truth is: I didn’t like it, the blonde hair, but I decided to keep it.

Try new things, and

CONTINUEALLY educating yourself.


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