Romance is a beautiful illusion (Boston edition) 


For a moment I really felt like this is the Before Sunrise happening to me. The only differences probably are he was the one reading book, and we were heading to New York City instead of Paris. Surprisingly he also knows the trilogy and Linklater.

We talked about edm lauchpad, we talked about piano. We talked about Hayao Miyazaki, we talked about Charles Bukowski. We talked about Reservoir Dogs,  we talked about Waking Life. We talked about Lucid Dreaming Techniques, we talked about American Pie.
We talked about how we dont like politics but still would be interesting to see Donald Trump to be elected just to see how crazy this world can get (but no please). We talked about how he and his girlfriends at the time had an argument about their trip because he doesn’t like to plan and the unknowns are the best.

I like how you went up to them and asked them “did you actually see the Golden Gate by your eyes, not through your phone”, I like how you hate the business side of everything just like how I don’t like the concept of money. I like how both of us hated reading books before the university but we just fell madly in love with books after we have tighter time. I like that you don’t like to take photos (he even didn’t take his graduation photos) because “it ruins the moments”, I like that you told me you liked it when I looked straight into your eyes while you were talking just like I liked the way you looked at mine.

Most amazingly, I LOVE the fact that neither of us could speak English at all 4 years ago, but we’re having this special moment tonight because this language linked us. Isn’t it just so magical?

This 5 hour conversation on this double decker is the best thing that has happened to me in this trip (so far).
Probably we will never meet again, probably we will reunite 9 years after by an accident, just like Jesse and Celine; probably we will get married one day or probably we will never meet again..

(Oh! And probably not all the MIT students and Mathematics majors are nerds 😛 )

MIT, Mathematics major, Italian, moved to Boston 3 years and 9 months ago, and you were reading Women. That’s all I know about you, but “isn’t it so beautiful when your memory and love for a person stop at their best version”.

I’m actually glad that we don’t have any photos taken together so the only and the most beautiful memory that we shared will be our mutual feelings, which will be only remembered by hearts. So we “didn’t ruin the moments”. ♡

Downtown New York City ♡


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