Romance is a beautiful illusion (Boston edition) 


For a moment I really felt like this is the Before Sunrise happening to me. The only differences probably are he was the one reading book, and we were heading to New York City instead of Paris. Surprisingly he also knows the trilogy and Linklater.

We talked about edm lauchpad, we talked about piano. We talked about Hayao Miyazaki, we talked about Charles Bukowski. We talked about Reservoir Dogs,  we talked about Waking Life. We talked about Lucid Dreaming Techniques, we talked about American Pie.
We talked about how we dont like politics but still would be interesting to see Donald Trump to be elected just to see how crazy this world can get (but no please). We talked about how he and his girlfriends at the time had an argument about their trip because he doesn’t like to plan and the unknowns are the best.

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