R.I.P Sir George Martin

Doing this research paper of George Martin and the Beatles had brought plenty of tears into my eyes, and yet i felt empowered by the connections we had (with their arts, and with their fans).
Human expression in all forms is such a beautiful thing to me; lyrics, rhymes, written words, dance moves, movies, etc. although sometimes i don’t like myself being so sensitive and sentimental, Im still always awe struck by the power of our human inner connection. so i always push myself to express my thoughts and feelings despite my fears.

I also wish i could be better with writing, so that i can tell you all the stories i had learned from the great men i met, but now, lets take a moment and pay a tribute to a true wonderful gentleman we just lost, on march 9, 2016.

He was one of the most interesting people that had walked on this world.

If you watch his interviews, I’m sure you will be Continue reading R.I.P Sir George Martin