FIRST SHOW and That Girl


Finally, it comes to the end of my first show in theatre. 3 months in 3 words? Exciting, boring, and inspiring.

rehearsals are not always fun, sometimes, you are a free truck man, carrying heavy stuffs around; others times, you wake up at 8 am on a Saturday morning, just to open door for people; despite the fact that you have your final exams on the next following Monday, you still have to sit there refreshing your instagram. YOU JUST HAVE TO BE THERE

but there were also the times when people were so patient with you when you don’t even know where’s the dimmer, how to dim the lights on the lighting board, or simply just had no freaking clues of what were they talking about, they were still patient.

so i guess there won’t be a job that you will like every part of it, and thats ok because there’s aways someone who reminds you of why you loved this job in the first place.


tonight, i bumped into one of the actresses on my way home, we never really talk but she’s alway so polite and nice to the whole crew and small assistants like me. i wanted to let her know that i liked her performance and she is a good actress; instead, she became the one that encouraged me to go audition. I told her Im always interested in acting but language barrier has been something that kept me form going to auditions since the first year. Then she suddenly became very serious and she told me i have to go audition, DRM2oo was the best class she took at Uoft. she told me she got 8 NOs this year, but nothing should stop you from at least trying.  Also, she said there was this  girl in her class whose first language is also mandarin, but she still somehow managed to remember all the shakespeare monologues and she was amazing. So if she can, so can you.  I think she looked so stunning at that moment, i couldn’t help but hugged her.

maybe you won’t  remember what is Gesamtkunstwerk or who is Stanislaviski, but you will always remember that one person who’s always quietly doing their works and learning, and that one girl who’s always eating but always share her food.


you see,  you learn, then you grow.


if all of this knowledge that i can easily access from Youtube and Google isn’t worth my $40,000 tuition, other than seeing naked guys in the dressing room, i  guess these are the reasons i’d like to still hang around.

thank you, my first show, you inspired me again.


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