FIRST SHOW and That Girl


Finally, it comes to the end of my first show in theatre. 3 months in 3 words? Exciting, boring, and inspiring.

rehearsals are not always fun, sometimes, you are a free truck man, carrying heavy stuffs around; others times, you wake up at 8 am on a Saturday morning, just to open door for people; despite the fact that you have your final exams on the next following Monday, you still have to sit there refreshing your instagram. YOU JUST HAVE TO BE THERE

but there were also the times when people were so patient with you when you don’t even know where’s the dimmer, how to dim the lights on the lighting board, or simply just had no freaking clues of what were they talking about, they were still patient.

so i guess there won’t be a job that you will like every part of it, and thats ok because there’s aways someone who reminds you of why you loved this job in the first place.

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