SCCSC Speech 2017 – The Standard You Set For Yourself Will Naturally Becomes Your Habit

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Directing Proposal 霸王别姬 陈凯歌

“Farewell, My Concubine” Proposal 


The story begins with a street crowd watching a troupe of boys performing Peking opera. An onlooking mother (who is a prostitute) later brings her son to the troupe to be trained. Using a cleaver to amputate her child’s objectionable superfluous finger, she marks the contract for his training with her thumbprint stained in the boy’s blood. Shitou (little stone), a boy in the existing troupe welcomes the newcomer “Douzi” (little bean), and the two boys become friends.

Douzi practices the monologue “Dreaming of the World Outside the Nunnery” but messes up the line “I am by nature a girl, not a boy” and instead says “I am by nature a boy…”. He repeats this mistake and “Shitou” viciously jams their master’s brass tobacco pipe in Douzi’s mouth as punishment so hard he bleeds. Douzi looks dazed, but whispers, “I am by nature a girl… not a boy.” Continue reading Directing Proposal 霸王别姬 陈凯歌

Book Response to Anne Bogart’s A Director Prepares

When In Doubt, When You Are Lost, Don’t Stop

Art serves us best precisely at that point where it can shift our sense of what is possible, when we know more than we knew before, when we feel we have – by some manner of a leap – encountered the truth. That, by the logic of art, is always worth the pain.

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3D-Immersive Therapeutic Art Gallery For Emotional Healing – Proposal


#Immersive Colour Experience (in relationship with) #Technology and #Feelings

#Therapeutic Art #LEDscreen #ColorDesign #Projections #Color Psychology #Color TimeBased Immersive Experience  #VisualArt #Huamnity #Infinity mirror 


1). How visual motifs for triggering emotional and spiritual responses can be used to serve a therapeutic purpose.

2). How expressionist art and the role of colour/lighting function in our self-reflectivity for abstract and intangible value.

by Serina Keh


(*An Infinity of Lights: Photos From the New Yayoi Kusama Exhibit)

Project/Goal: to create a therapeutic 3D art gallery for the purpose of healing a certain type of passive/negative emotion/feeling (I.e. Lost, grief, broken trust, numbness depression, loneliness, hopelessness).

– The possibility of reminding people what make us human (humanity); to remind people the humanity and resilience that inside us  by stimulating the imagination through the experiences with optimistic colours and 3D expressionist arts.

hug   (an open/inviting gesture: hug)

Proposal: Creating an art gallery/showcase that is built based upon abstract images and expressionist performances in a hermetic space; in addition to that, the 3D gallery will also be practicing an intense use of 3D projection (on the four walls + on the celling + on the floor = a total of 6 surfaces) to maximize an immersive experience for the therapeutic purpose.

I.e. (something like Image #2 but with projection on 6 surfaces, instead of only on 4 surfaces; See Image #3 for reference. As well as 3D models in image #1)

(Image #1)1

(Image #2)2

(Image #3)3

(Image #4: Models for the infrastructure of the diverse rooms in the therapeutic 3D gallery for the various passive emotions)4Inspiration + Explanation:

a). Inspiration for Themes:

Fauvism (les Fauves / French for “the wild beasts”), German Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract expressionism.

00.png  (Fauvism)

            I.e. Expression:

German Expressionism emerged when Germany was isolated and in the suffer of the First World War, this creative movement was originally intended as a way to express the physical and emotional toll the war took. However, it remains its influences even after WWI, in all kind of art forms such as cinema, painting, dance, etc.

Expressionism is a highly symbolic and stylized art form. I see expressionism as an exploration of darker human impulses, a desperate desire of seeking hopes and lights in life, as well as an artistic experimentation with shattered surfaces of the “truth”. Expressionism allows people to effectively express the distortions of their mind through demonstrating a distortional gist of the scene. In the meantime, it can also be seen as the artist’s comment of the affairs through extreme visual motifs. (The narration is the their own interpretation of the reality )


Paul Kornfeld believes that expressionism is the alternative realism; I argue that expressionist art to some extent is a representation of the artist’s interpretation and their own version of reality (who knows what is reality anyway?), rather than a complete representation of the actuality. It is undeniable that there are restrictions of the expressionist art in terms of how effective for the viewers to reciprocate the piece, but one approach could not serve the purposes for all art. Instead of disputing the efficiency of expressionist art or questioning the credibility of expressionist style and approach in term of the intelligibility and the trueness of an event, I consider expressionist art as a sincere attempt to find its own way of expression through marrying the extremes regardless of its efficiency on the audience.


Strengths of Expressionism in Acting (draft ideas):

– For the 3D (expressionist) performances in the gallery (Projection)

1). In the light of the strength of expressionism,

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This Is Us

“I do believe in destiny, i believe that the child choose their parent; when the time is ready, and when the stars align. because we have lessons that we get to learn, lessons  we get to teach. so we choose which parents and siblings that …”

“So we are talking about the Buddhist philosophy, I see,  where the soul figures out what lessons it still has to learn, and find the parents who can teach it.”

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Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.
Andrew Boyd, Daily Afflictions: The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe